No 1 affiliate marketer in India??

Is this the time you have choose to wake up starting affiliate marketing career for you or compete with no 1 affiliate marketer in India. Here in India having a right affiliate program is always a task where the rapid growth measures is not easily due to un-consistency of ecology graph.

No 1 affiliate marketer in India

While thinking of this highly approached and successful market I remember many of the names who have given a lot of opportunity to the generation become more successful. Each of them whether they are individuals/companies/affiliates services have achieved something which even no companies sales team can ever get.

Before knowing more broad about this space let’s figure out some initials first.

What is Affiliate Program ?

It's a place where you can get your hard earned money via promoting/conversion to a bigger brand products via their affiliate URL. So as the affiliate shares a link or url to the various platforms from which they can get the sale conversion is something then they can earn preset commission.

How much can be earned via each affiliate link conversion?

As the program same the commission it varies from in industry like tech or finance offer a higher commission. So this a range can be 1% to 60-65% or may be a more higher and sometimes it’s fixed.

    Rahul Jaimini – no 1 affiliate marketer in India

    Rahul Jaimini – no 1 affiliate marketer in India

    In India, one of the top affiliate marketers is Rahul Jaimini, also known as the "Rahul Jaimini Shopping". He has built a successful online shopping blog and uses affiliate marketing to earn a significant portion of his income. Other popular Indian affiliate marketers include Deepak Mishra of ZeptoMall and Harsh Gupta of MoneyKart. Read More : Student Earn Money Online! Content, Skills, Crafts & More 

    Rahul Jaimini is a digital marketing consultant and entrepreneur who specializes in affiliate marketing. He has developed and implemented successful affiliate marketing strategies for various clients in the e-commerce and finance industries. Rahul has also published articles and videos on affiliate marketing and has spoken at various conferences and events on the topic. A blog post he wrote for Backlink titled "How to Make Money Online through Affiliate Marketing" has gained a huge amount of popularity. 

    He has won several awards for his work and has helped many people achieve success in this field. If you're interested in learning more about affiliate marketing and how you can start earning money online, Rahul Jaimini's course is a great place to start. You can find more information about his course on his website.

    Things to remember while choosing the affiliate program:

    · Relevance

    · Align with your niche

    · Understand your audience

    · Research reputation

    · Own experience

    · Commission rate comparison

    · Conversion rate analysis

    Additional factors:

    Cookie duration, conversion tracking accuracy, and promotion strategies also play a role.

    Here are some resources to help you estimate your potential earnings:

    Industry benchmarks: Research average commission rates within your niche.
    Affiliate program details: Payouts are usually clearly stated on program websites.
    Affiliate calculators: Several online tools estimate potential earnings based on traffic and conversion rates (estimations only).


    Remember, affiliate marketing success requires more than just high commission rates. Focus on building trust with your audience, promoting relevant products, and providing valuable content.

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