Market movement for Today and Top Buy & Sell Picks by expert

 "Hear the experts Mitessh Thakkar and Sudarshan Sukhani as they share their valuable insights on the market movement and top stock picks for today. 

Market movement for L&T vs Reliance

Market movement Outlook According to Sudarshan Sukhani, 

The Nifty is set for a positive uptrend in the short term, but he advises caution when it comes to the Bank Nifty. 

Mitessh Thakkar sees potential in the Nifty as it has recently experienced a dip, making it a great buying opportunity. 

SJX suggests taking advantage of a gap down of 70-80 points in the Nifty, with a stop loss of 50-60 points from the opening level. 

Top Buy Picks Mitessh Thakkar:

L&T: A fundamentally strong stock to invest in during dips, with a stop loss of 50 points. 

Reliance: A long term buy with a stop loss of 2300.

SJX has identified some exciting stock opportunities for potential profits: 

Start looking to buy shares of Coromandel Fertilizers if it surpasses Monday's high, setting a stop loss at 9.10 and aiming for a target of 9.55. 

Similarly, GNFC is worth considering if it exceeds Monday's high, with a stop loss at 550 and a target of 590. 

In the gold sector, keep an eye on Gold India at a price range of 220-223, setting a stop loss at 218 and a target of 232. 


 Mitessh Thakkar has some interesting short options:

 Among them is Hindalco, which could be a lucrative intraday short as long as the stop loss is set above 422. 

Likewise, Godrej Consumer Products is worth considering as an intraday short, with a stop loss at 926.

 Lastly, SJX suggests a sell opportunity for JSW Steel:

JSW Steel is definitely a sell, based on our recommendation of a stop loss at 685 and a target of around 650. 

In addition, Sudarshan Sukhani shares his insights on the current market trends. 

He advises that the Nifty trend is still on an upward trajectory in the short term, while cautioning that the Bank Nifty has already experienced a rally and may not be a suitable investment option today. It is important to note that the opinions expressed in this article are those of the speakers and do not constitute financial advice. It is always wise to consult a qualified financial advisor be
fore making any investment decisions.

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