What's the difference between blog and vlog

 A blog is a website that anyone can develop on any topic to exchange written content with other like-minded people. This is how a blog differs from a vlog. Similar in function, a vlog is typically hosted on social media sites like YouTube, TikTok, or other platforms and is in video format.

Continue reading to find out more, including how blogs and vlogs can be profitable, and to determine if creating content for these platforms is the right path for you.

What is blog and vlog

what's the difference between blog and vlog

A blog: What Is It?

Once more, a blog is a site here we make blog post and article that you want
Although text makes up the majority of blog entries, you can also use photos and other content forms, such as videos and GIFs, to keep visitors interested. Bloggers and Wordpress are the two best platform for the blogging. At below we share some good points about wordpress for blogging

Bloggers are free to write on any subject they choose. For instance, food and drink, parenting, marketing, health and fitness, personal finance, and so forth are examples of popular blog subjects.


A Vlog: What Is It?

A vblog, often known as a "video log," is a kind of blog where users post videos.

Videos on vlogs might discuss a person's life, experiences, or ideas.

Similar to blogging, however, you can do vlog about whatever you like. It  includes product reviews, video game tutorials, and beauty applications.
On well-known websites like YouTube, a lot of popular vlogs are posted. Additionally, you may integrate vlogs on your own website—a process we'll go over later.
As you can see, a vlog and a blog share certain characteristics. However, the main distinction between the two is that whereas vloggers create videos about their interests, bloggers express their opinions on specific subjects via written words.

Comparing how to earn money from Blogging and Vlogging

When comparing blogging to vlogging, one of the most important arise in our mind how much money we earn from both of them
Naturally, it will take some time and effort to start making significant money from your blog or vlog.

However, you can rapidly start making some extra cash on the side if you use the appropriate tactics.


Ways to Earn Money Writing a blog

If you think about want to earn money earn money through wordpress bloging which is completely free.

You may expand the functionality of your site and diversify your revenue streams with an abundance of WordPress plugins and other tools available.


How to Earn Money Through Vlogs

Your possibilities for making money are severely constrained if you choose to exclusively post your vlogs on YouTube. The only ways to get money are through sponsored videos, channel memberships and super chats, and video ad income.

For this reason, a lot of YouTube vloggers run blogs in addition to their channels.

This enables businesses to route viewers from YouTube to their website, where they may increase their revenue by utilising the strategies we discussed in the previous section, including services sales, the creation of online courses, product sales, sharing information about particular topic and more.

How to Launch a Vblog or Blog

You may have already determined that you like blogging better than vlogging, or vice versa.

We will therefore discuss where to begin and what kind of gear is needed for each choice.

  • Creating a Blog
The fact that blogging is simple to get started is one of its best features.

To begin with, all you'll need is a computer connected to the internet.

Selecting the appropriate blogging platform is the next step. We highly suggest WordPress.org for that.

WordPress.org is the content management system used by over 43% of all websites and is still the fastest-growing blogging platform. It offers total control over your website, from customize plugins to monetize your blog that  you want to see fit.


Then, all you have to pay for to get your blog published online is:

Domain Name: Your website's address is represented by its domain name. Users enter this into their browsers to visit your blog.
Blog Hosting: Your website resides on blog hosting, which also houses all of your website's files. This is what allows you to have access to your blog over the internet.


WordPress.org also formally supports Bluehost, which provides simple 1-click WordPress installation.

  •  Creating a Video Blog

You'll be relieved to hear that making a vlog is also not too difficult if that interests you.

Really, all you need to get started is a smartphone.

But remember, if you want to expand your business, the quality of your videos matters. Thus, you might want to think about investing in better video equipment later on, including a better camera, microphone, lighting, software, and editing. This may get somewhat costly.

You can make a free YouTube channel and post your vlogs there. Just follow this guide to learn how to make a profitable YouTube channel.


But as we previously discussed, the majority of popular vloggers have their own blog and YouTube channel since it gives them greater control over their income.

It's crucial to keep in mind that you should never post videos to WordPress while starting a video blog.


As an alternative, you ought to use YouTube to host your video vlogs after you've uploaded them there. WordPress then allows you to embed your videos, which is considerably simpler and uses less bandwidth.

On your blog, you may showcase as many feeds or playlists as you like, alter the layout to reflect your brand, highlight future live streams, add unique video pause and end actions.

The Distinctions Between a Vlog and a Blog in Conclusion

This concludes our discussion of the article! We hope this made the distinction between a blog and a vlog quite apparent.

If you found this post useful, you may find more inspiration by reading our guide to clever internet income streams.

Don't miss any topics for additional insightful writing advice about blog vs. vlog while you're here!

Frequently asked questions about the difference between a blog and a vlog

1. What is the main difference between a blog and a vlog?

Answer: The main difference is in the format of the content. A blog is a website where the content is primarily text-based, although it may include images, videos, and GIFs to increase engagement. It is suitable for sharing written content on a variety of topics. In contrast, a vlog (video blog) focuses on video content, typically shared on platforms such as YouTube or TikTok. Vlogs allow creators to communicate ideas, experiences, and information through videos.

2. How can you make money with blogging compared to vlogging?

Answer: Both blogs and vlogs offer multiple avenues of monetization, but they are slightly different:

- Blogging: You can make money through advertising (such as Google AdSense), affiliate marketing, sponsored posts, selling digital products or services, and using plugins to extend functionality and revenue options on platforms such as WordPress.

- Vlogging: Monetization comes primarily from video ads, sponsored videos, channel memberships, and Super Chat on platforms like YouTube. Many vloggers also create blogs to direct traffic and expand their revenue sources, leveraging the same methods used in blogging.

3. What do you need to start a blog or vlog?

Answer: Starting a blog and a vlog requires different tools and resources:

- Blog: To start a blog, you need a computer with internet access, a domain name, and blog hosting. Platforms like WordPress.org are highly recommended due to their customization and monetization capabilities.

- Vlog: For vlogging, you can start with just a smartphone to record videos. However, as your vlog grows, it pays to invest in better equipment like high-quality cameras, microphones, lighting, and video editing software. Videos are often hosted on YouTube, where you can create a free channel, and many vloggers also embed their videos on a separate blog for added flexibility and monetization opportunities.

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