How to start your Blogging from today?

If you decided that yes, this is in your interest, because no one wants to leave simple earnings by spending only 2-3 hours a day. This can also apply to your side business. With a blogging career, you don't just have to quit your regular job that can support your finances. Try it as a side business and if it works, make it your full time career.

As a beginner you may be wondering how much you can earn or how much a beginner blogger earns as well as how much you can earn after a while?

 Newbie vs Professional Blogger Income in India

Blogging Career

 So if you are an entry level blogger and want to earn, let me tell you that average income in India is ₹ 18000-25000. Medium level person earns around ₹40,000-60,000 while someone with more than 4-5 years of experience earns around ₹1 lakh per month.

Follow these 5 steps to start a blog and make money

1. Choose a niche and blog name
 2. Web design in any word press, wiki, media etc.
 3. Domain name and hosting
 4. Write a blog
 5. Market and Earn

1. Choose a niche and blog name: The niche should be something you are passionate about and productive because generally blogging can confuse your audience, narrow your niche and choose something that might be in demand for your audience. Then the blog name should be simple, catchy and shorter which helps people remember you/your blog.

2. Web design on any platform: Design is something that appeals to your audience, such as an image that speaks to a topic or videos that are easy to understand. So when we talk about web design, it can be template based or coding, which can be difficult for common people because it is design. So choose wisely from template based templates like Wordpress, Wix, Medium, Blogger, Tumbler etc.

 3. Domain and Hosting: Domain is what people use to see your blog on the internet and hosting stores your content your blog information and appears when someone clicks on it or search. So the domain name should be related to your topic because people will recognize you, your URL, which is your domain name. And using both to revitalize your website.

4. Write a blog: Now you know that a niche means a topic that you want to start your blogging career with, so write according to the market needs, keeping in mind what your audience is looking for or expecting to read about your blog. should be important. simple and close so that the audience can easily relate to things.

And put your first live blog on your website, which is also your domain name.

 5. Market and Earn: Now that you have completed all the above steps, you have successfully uploaded your blog to your website, so start sharing it with your friends, family and anyone who might be interested,  just market and start your blogging career deserves.

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