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Many of us think we also get surprised to see these headlines in the market with lots of queries in our minds. But you know when you get to know it’s really possible, and thousands of people are pursuing a full-time career in it. You might have heard about Blogger, and yes, they make thousands of rupees daily. Let’s talk about Web blogging.

So what is blogging?

A method of educating your audience on a specific topic or informing them about a product, location, or brand.Although blogging has a direct impact on our awareness, sales, and visibility,No matter where (i.e., on which platform) you pull up the internet, you will see people blogging around you. You can see someone telling you about your diet plan, how to travel for your 3-day Goa trip, or about the service you are looking for, so all of this is because whenever people look at you, they get something good out of it.

A beginner blogger needs 2 things: blog hosting (also known as web hosting) and  blogging software. Generally, these both come in a combination. Hosting is something that keeps your web pages stored and shows them from your blog when a user searches.


5 key factors to keep in mind as a blogger needs

If one is applying for a career in it, they must know key factors before starting:

-Understand your interest topic and where you feel confident.

-Do the research and analyse your market niche.

-Competitive analysis is very important.

-Technical optimisation is a must to ensure

-Read more Yes, it’s the finest way to improve your content writing skills.

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